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How to work with the program
Where Do I Begin
The folder hierarchy
Open and save catalogues
Adding a new item
Removing items
Synchronizing Information
Item properties
Catalogue properties
Setup of categories
Addition of specialized category
Search and report facilities
Search for files and folders
Search for duplicates
Search for duplicates (music)
Search for music
Search by word or phrase ...
Search by categories
Using search results
Making a report
Configuring ACAT
General 2
Multilingual support
Advanced settings
Technical support
Technical support
License and registration
Copyright and license
Limitations of unregistered version
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The ACAT Web Page

You can create as many catalogues as you want with Advanced CATaloguer Pro. It is possible to create a new catalogue using the File|New menu item.

If you already have a catalogue opened and it was modified since the last save operation, you will be prompted to save it again.

To save your catalogue, use the File|Save menu item. If you would like to keep a catalogue under another name, use File|Save As. To open an existing catalogue, use File|Open.

You can revert to the last saved version of your catalogue. This function is useful if you tend to save your file whenever you are satisfied with the latest changes in your catalogues. To undo all changes since you last saved, use File|Revert.

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