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Advanced CATaloguer - easy-to-use cataloguing software for searching out files stored on all kinds of digital media (from hard drives through all kinds of modern removable media to floppy disks). This utility keeps track of the contents of any CD, DVD, floppy disk, local or network drive, enabling you to quickly find any file.

Advanced CATaloguer supports all kinds of media recognized as drives by Windows and lets users include into the current database individual folders or even files from any media. This feature enables users to create individual catalogs for various kinds of files (e.g. a catalog of music files, a document library, a database of all files related to some project etc.) - even if all files are stored in various directories on one drive. The program features powerful search capabilities: it can perform the search using Boolean expressions, find files by name, description, notes or keywords, using the size and date limits - all this without physically accessing the disks. When a file is located, you can view its properties, open it, or launch Windows Explorer to its parent folder.

Although Advanced CATaloguer has been primarily designed for organizing removable media, it has a number of other uses:

  • The Find Duplicates feature lets users locate duplicate documents on the hard drive: in addition to file name, size and modification date/time comparison Advanced CATaloguer compares the files by their CRC32 code, making it absolutely impossible to miss identical or confuse different files.
  • Advanced CATaloguer combines powerful search capabilities with file management functions, enabling users to perform operations (move, copy, delete) on groups of certain files (for example, a user can find all documents, modified after a certain date - no matter where they are stored - and copy them to one folder for backup purposes).
  • The program's synchronization features allow using it for monitoring changes on a disks: when a user performs synchronization of data on a disk (or in an individual folder), all new, modified and deleted files are shown.

Other program's features include the ability to read other cataloguing software database formats (currently - the databases created Advanced Disk Catalog (, powerful reporting capabilities, password-protecting the catalogs, checking for updates, multilingual interface (more 20 languages), support for Windows XP themes and more.

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