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How to work with the program
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The folder hierarchy
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Adding a new item
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Synchronizing Information
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Search and report facilities
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Search for music
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Making a report
Configuring ACAT
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Multilingual support
Advanced settings
Technical support
Technical support
License and registration
Copyright and license
Limitations of unregistered version
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The ACAT Web Page


Use the Auto-open last catalogue option to allow Advanced CATaloguer Pro to open (on start-up) the last catalogue you have been working on during the last session. This is very convenient when you wish to use the same catalogue most of the time.

Read-only recommended when opening a catalogue - Allows you to open the catalogue in a read-only mode by default.

If the Save settings on exit option is set, Advanced CATaloguer Pro saves its layout on exit and restores it on start-up. This includes the main window size, position and the size of columns in windows.

Create a backup copy of the catalogue when saving - Makes a backup copy of the last catalogue saved.

Saving the contents of a Notepad - This option is very convenient if you use a Notepad for saving results of searches, etc.

Autosave after adding/synchronizing of disks - Used to autosave the catalogue after adding to or synchronizing a catalogue.

Autosave every xx minutes - Used to autosave the catalogue at each specified interval.

Check option Autosave as *.acas file to autosave to a temporary file rather than to the original file. The temporary file has an '*.acas' extension appended to the original file name. If the program crashes, you can recover the unsaved catalogue from the '*.acas' file.

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