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How to work with the program
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The folder hierarchy
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Configuring ACAT
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Technical support
Technical support
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Limitations of unregistered version
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The ACAT Web Page

Advanced CATaloguer Pro - A convenient and powerful tool, which is used for cataloguing drives and files. Using Advanced CATaloguer Pro you can very easily and quickly solve the following tasks:

Categorize and sort, retrieve or reorganise any set of files or folders regardless of how they are physically stored.
Determine on which disk the necessary files for a particular task are located.
Find duplicates of files and remove them.
Find new, changed or removed files on your disks.
Facilitate the performance of the following group operations: copying, moving and removing files.
Exchange collections with friends to share meta-data about common files or folders.

The working principle of the program is very simple - An image of the contents of any set of disks is preserved in a separate catalogue file. This file is used for all searching, sorting and categorization of the files. Advanced CATaloguer Pro supports various disk formats: CD-ROM, DVD, floppy drives, hard drives, ZIP and JAZZ disks, removable and network drives, Memory Stick cards and any other storage device that can be accessed as a drive in an MS Windows environment.

Advanced CATaloguer Pro's main asset is the ability to access any disk's table of contents even if the disk is inaccessible at the time. You can view the list of files and folders, examine their properties and descriptions, search files by various criteria etc. at any time.

A useful feature is the scanning of archived files (compressed files). It is not uncommon for users to compress and archive seldom used files. Such an approach allows one to write much more information to any disk. However, searching of the compressed files using standard Windows' resources becomes practically impossible. The scanning of archive files loads information about the packed files into the ACAT database; therefore searching the packed files does not differ from searching for any other file in the catalogue.

You can increase the abilities of the search if you assign a set of categories and descriptions for each file (folder, disk, etc.) that characterize each item.

Advanced CATaloguer Pro uses the intuitive interface of an explorer-like tree. Most operations can be performed from the Menu bar, from the Tool bar buttons or using short-cut keys, whichever is most convenient to you.

This utility is recommended for advanced users as well as for beginners. It is frequently enhanced, and enhancements are often the result of user suggestions. You may send comments or suggestions to support@evgenysoft.com.

The latest version of Advanced CATaloguer Pro can always be downloaded from http://www.evgenysoft.com/. This web site can be launched from Help|ACAT Home Page, or by pressing Ctrl+H.

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