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Technical support
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The ACAT Web Page

You can find files by the following criteria:

  • All or part of the filename - Here specify a filename or wildcards. You can use Boolean conditions.
  • Enter:

    To find:


    all files with the exe extension in the name.

    *.exe OR *.zip

    all exe files and zip files.

    *.exe AND NOT s*

    all exe files with names that do not start with the letter 's'.

    (*.exe OR *.dll) AND NOT md*

    all exe and dll files whos names do not start with the string 'md'.


    all files with names with two characters preceding and one following 'setup.dl'.


    all files with names starting with or containing the string 'config'.
    This equals the expression '*config*'.


    all files with names starting with the string 'config'.

    long filename

    all files with names that contain the string 'long filename'.
    This equals the expression '*long filename*'.

    "long filename"

    all files which containing 'long filename'.
    This equals the expression '*long filename*'.

  • Search in a full path name - Allow searches in the full path name.
  • Also search in archives - This option allows you to search among files which have been placed in archives as well as all ordinary files.
  • Look in - Here it is possible to specify a folder in which to look for files.
  • Search in subfolders - Allows you to search in subfolders as well.
  • A word or phrase in ...

    Here it is possible to specify what to search for in descriptions and notes, and also to establish a mode of search (case sensitivity). You can use boolean conditions.

    Enter: To find files that contain:
    word1 word2

    ... the partial word word1
    ... the partial phrase 'word1 word2'

    "word1 word2"

    ... the whole word 'word1'
    ... the whole phrase 'word1 word2'

    word1 word3 AND word2

    ... the phrase 'word1 word3' and that also contains the word 'word2'

    word1 word3 OR word2

    ... the phrase 'word1 word3' or that contains the word 'word2'

    word1 AND NOT word2 word3

    ... the word 'word1' and that do not contain the phrase 'word2 word3'

    (word1 OR word2 word4) AND word3

    ... the word 'word1' or that contain the phrase 'word2 word3' and that do not contain the word 'word3'

  • When was it modified?

    Here you may specify when the file should have been modified or an interval between two dates when it should have been modified.

  • What size is it?

    Here you may indicate what size of file to match.

  • More advanced options


    To find all added disks, it is necessary to specify the 'Archive folder':

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