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Technical support
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The ACAT Web Page

Adding a new group

To add a new group, go to the Edit|Add Group menu or just press the CTRL+1 key ().


Adding a new Disk or Directory

To add a new disk or directory, go to the Edit|Add Disk menu or just press the CTRL+2 key ().

For beginners:

for advanced users:

Batch addition - Use it if you want to add several disks at once in the catalogue.

Read only directory structure - This option allows you to construct a copy of the directory tree only, i.e. a database with just folders but no files.

Eject media after adding (when possible) - Allows you to eject the media after files or folders have been added from it.

Ignore the symbolic link when scanning (NTFS) - Contents of symbolic links will be skipped when scanning. This is often convenient if you have folders referring to eachother in a tree structure.

Show disk properties after adding - When this option is checked the disk properties will be displayed after the files and folders have been added. This might be useful to you if you wish to change a name, the assignment of a comment, etc. immediately upon import.

If you add a removable disk, which has been added earlier, a warning will be shown.


Adding a new file

To add a new file, go to the Edit|Add File menu or just press the CTRL+3 key ().


Import from existing catalogues

To import from an existing catalogue, go to the Edit|Import from catalogue menu or just press the CTRL+4 key ().


Adding a user's note

To add a new user's note, go to the Edit|Add User's Note menu or just press the CTRL+5 key ().


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